Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The BFG Excerpt

As not too many of you probably know, this is Roald Dahl Month! Even more excitingly, if he was alive right now, he'd be 100 YEARS OLD (or at least he would be as of yesterday)!! I Absolutely adore him as a writer, and read everything he wrote as a kid. His books were always so whimsical and honestly just wonderful to read. My absolute favorite one of his books was The BFG. It was so happy and sweet and lovely, aaaaand the movie just came out. I'm not going to drone on about how much I adored the movie because that's not what this post is about, but I definitely suggest that you go out and pick up the book, and then make all your friends do the same, and after that you should get the whole gang together and watch the movie. I promise that what I'm suggesting for you to do is the right choice and let me prove it to you. 

Here is a glorious excerpt of the book:

Sophie couldn’t sleep.

A brilliant moonbeam was slanting through a gap in the curtains. It was shining right on to her pillow.
The other children in the dormitory had been asleep for hours.
Sophie closed her eyes and lay quite still. She tried very hard to doze off.
It was no good. The moonbeam was like a silver blade slicing through the room on to her face.
The house was absolutely silent. No voices came up from downstairs. There were no footsteps on the floor above either.
The window behind the curtain was wide open, but nobody was walking on the pavement outside. No cars went by on the street. Not the tiniest sound could be heard anywhere. Sophie had never known such a silence.
Perhaps, she told herself, this was what they called the witching hour.
The witching hour, somebody had once whispered to her, was a special moment in the middle of the night when every child and every grown-up was in a deep deep sleep, and all the dark things came out from hiding and had the world to themselves.

The moonbeam was brighter than ever on Sophie’s pillow. She decided to get out of bed and close the gap in the curtains.
You got punished if you were caught out of bed after lights-out. Even if you said you had to go to the lavatory, that was not accepted as an excuse and they punished you just the same. But there was no one about now, Sophie was sure of that.
She reached out for her glasses that lay on the chair beside her bed. They had steel rims and very thick lenses, and she could hardly see a thing without them. She put them on, then she slipped out of bed and tip-toed over to the window.

When she reached the curtains, Sophie hesitated. She longed to duck underneath them and lean out of the window to see what the world looked like now that the witching hour was at hand.
She listened again. Everywhere it was deathly still.
The longing to look out became so strong she couldn’t resist it. Quickly, she ducked under the curtains and leaned out of the window. In the silvery moonlight, the village street she knew so well seemed completely different. The houses looked bent and crooked, like houses in a fairy tale. Everything was pale and ghostly and milky-white.
Across the road, she could see Mrs Rance’s shop, where you bought buttons and wool and bits of elastic. It didn’t look real. There was something dim and misty about that too.
Sophie allowed her eye to travel further and further down the street.
Suddenly she froze. There was something coming up the street on the opposite side.
It was something black…
Something tall and black…
Something very tall and very black and very thin.

OOOOhhhh does this not sound like the best book ever! You really should go read it. I love it, and you will too if you would just give it a go and pick it up.

Now let me walk you through a few book covers this book has had in order from the newest to the oldest (or the order as best as I could figure out):

This is a pretty new edition of The BFG, and it takes elements from the other covers. I think it looks really good :)

This is obviously the movie edition, and another reminder that you should see the movie. I absolutely love this cover, and even though it's a different design than the others, I adore it.

If I'm being perfectly honest, I have no idea what this cover is, but I'm showing it because I think it is gorgeous, and I WANT IT!

This is one of the many covers with the BFG holding small Sophie as if calling the book the "Big Friendly GIANT" wasn't enough to prove that there were giants in it.

From looking at the cover, I think we can all deduce that this is the 30 year anniversary cover of the book, and I just want to say that I love how amiable the BFG always looks. It makes me so happy because it's a perfect representation of the character because he's so sweet and I love him.

This is another super cute cover, and the colors look adorable together, and OMG ITS THE BFG RUNNING IN THE BACK I DIDNT NOTICE THAT BEFORE!!!!! I love this book if you can't tell.

This is the edition that I read as a small child, so it will forever have a happy place in my heart.

And here we are, this is what I assume is the first edition cover, and honestly there has not been that much change since the first one, but that's okay because its cute, and I love the design. 

Well, I hope I could convince you all to read/see The BFG because it honestly is a really cute and fun book.

I want to hear what your favorite Roald Dahl book is/what your favorites are, so leave me a comment, and we can chat about how good of an author he was.


Sunday, August 14, 2016

Review of Sp4rx by Wren McDonald

by Wren McDonald
120 Pages
Release Date: December 13, 2016
Publisher: Nobrow Press

SP4RX is the story of mankind clawing for survival. Set in a future where a class system has emerged, the world is divided into four levels, with the elite ruling from the extravagant top level.

SP4RX, a young hacker who lives off grid, hacks into corporations and sells stolen data to wealthy buyers on the black market – just your average thief. Mega corporation Structus Industries introduces a welfare program called the “Elpis Program”, which allows the working class to apply for Cybernetic implants to make workers more efficient. On the surface, it seems like a program to empower the poor and allow them to rise to the ranks of the elite. But SP4RX soon discovers all is not as it seems… SP4RX and Structus are set on a collision course with the fate of humanity at stake in Wren McDonald’s latest sci-fi tale of survival and corruption!

Hey, have I ever told you guys that this publishing company only published good books? Oh? I have? Well, I guess my limitless love of Nobrow is more apparent than I thought. Anyway, this is another really entertaining book from my favorite publishing company.

I thought this was very well developed for a book so short. Both the characters and the story were completely fleshed out, which is a very impressive feat; I doubt most authors could create a story this in-depth in such a short amount of pages. I have to say that at the very start it was a tad bit confusing because you're just thrown into a world that you have zero idea about, but it very quickly starts to make sense with the introduction of the complexities of the electronic world.

I appreciated that you got multiple sides of what was happening. There was the revolutionaries who were trying to stop the progression, the elite class trying to push it forward, and the lowest class just accepting it. It became very clear very quickly as to why everyone was doing what they were doing, and that was great.

Characterization can sometimes be lost in graphic novels, but this book created vivid characters with ease. McDonald utilized the minutest of details in the art to help indirectly characterize everyone, and it worked flawlessly.

This is such a great graphic novel, and the art is amazing and stylized and purple and beautiful and I loved flying through this.



Belle :))

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A Little Less Merciless This Time

The Merciless II: The Exorcism of Sofia Flores
by Danielle Vega
320 Pages
Publisher: Razorbill

Sofia is still processing the horrific truth of what happened when she and three friends performed an exorcism that spiraled horribly out of control. Ever since that night, Sofia has been haunted by bloody and demonic visions. Her therapist says they’re all in her head, but to Sofia they feel chillingly real. She just wants to get out of town, start fresh someplace else . . . until her mother dies suddenly, and Sofia gets her wish.

Sofia is sent to St. Mary’s, a creepy Catholic boarding school in Mississippi. There, seemingly everyone is doing penance for something, most of all the mysterious Jude, for whom Sofia can’t help feeling an unshakeable attraction. But when Sofia and Jude confide in each other about their pasts, something flips in him. He becomes convinced that Sofia is possessed by the devil. . . . Is an exorcism the only way to save her eternal soul?

Readers won’t be able to look away from this terrifying read full of twists and turns that will leave them wondering, Is there evil in all of us?

I finally have reached a point in my life again where I want to read, and this book really helped me get to that point. If youve been following my blog for a bit, you'd know that I haven't been posting too much in the last year since I just havent had much desire to read. Everything Vega has written have taken me a day at the longest to read. I absolutely adore her books. They are so fucked up (I want to describe it as horrigous because the BFG changed my life but I dont know if thats okay yet) and intense. I never want to take a break from reading them. I absolutely devour them.

This book was no exception. I bought it in the morning. Read half of it while I was still in Barnes and Noble. Then did some stuff for school, and as soon as I got home I read all of it. I didnt even take breaks for food and water. I just wanted to read so bad.

This is a continuation of the first Merciless book, and it definitely did not disappoint. I have to say that it was a bit slower than the other book (which seemed to be more violent than anything else), but I have to say that I did appreciate more characterization of Sofia and the new characters. There was always enough underlying tension to know that I couldnt put it down or else I was going to miss something, but not too much to where it got absurd.

Vega is honestly the master of YA horror. I will read every book she puts out until I cant read anymore. I love her, and this book. I'm serious, go to a bookstore right now and pick out one of her books. They will scare you a fair amount and keep you reading until the last page!



Friday, August 5, 2016

Miss Peregrine Is Turning 5!!!!

Hey! Remember this amazing and awesome book that is having a movie come out next month? Well, its turning 5! These books are so amazing and thoughtful. Plus they have eerie pictures in it that fit in perfectly with the story. 

I dont have to tell you this though since I expect [hope] that you've all read it. 

Anyway, I have a giveaway for a super cute tote. HERE I EVEN HAVE PICTURES COME LOOK:


Yeah so this tote is kinda tight, and I'm definitely gonna be sporting it around campus this year. 

If you want to be sporting it around too you can! Just enter this giveaway, and I'll ship it out to you if youre the lucky winner.

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Yeah, so I hope youre reading this series BECAUSE ITS HECKING FIVE NOW (and because its absolutely amazing). And you better go see the movie when it comes out (you know I will be forcing my boyfriend to come see it with me!).



Tuesday, August 2, 2016

I Had Such High Hopes

Fight Club 2
by Chuck Palahnuik
256 Pages
Publisher: Dark Horse Books

Ten years after starting Project Mayhem, he lives a mundane life. A kid, a wife. Pills to keep his destiny at bay. But it won't last long, the wife has seen to that. He's back where he started, but this go-round he's got more at stake than his own life.The time has arrived . . .Rize or Die.

I'm going to keep this one short since I dont really have too too much to say on this book. As some of you know, Fight Club is my favorite movie of all time/one of my favorite books, so going in, I was really hoping to love this. Unfortunately, I was disappointed.

I have to say that this book was just very unnecessary, and I view it as a money grab rather than Palahnuik wanting to continue the story. This wasnt bad enough to where it took away from the original, but it didnt add anything new to the story either. I can still read/watch Fight Club a million more times, and not think about the sequel.

I liked the fourth wall breaks, but I found them confusing at times. There was a bit of unneeded magical realism in it, and I did not appreciate that. Overall, this book was just very okay. The art was good. The cover is gorgeous, but the story itself is something I would recommend passing over.



Friday, June 17, 2016

I Have Much Left to Tell

Little Is Left to Tell
by Steven Hendricks
366 Pages
Publisher: Campanile Books

Readers enter a narrative rabbit hole through bedtime stories that Mr. Fin, a man with dementia, conjures for his long-lost son. Virginia the Wolf writes her last novel to lure her daughter home. A rabbit named Hart Crane must eat words to speak, while passing zeppelins drop bombs. Mr. Fin tries to read the past in marginalia and to rebuild his son from boat parts. The haunting fables in this lyrical first novel trace the fictions that make and unmake us. 

I'm not really sure where to start with this book. I had a very hard time understanding exactly what was happening, and even deciphering who is a person or a rabbit or a fish. I was intrigued by the concept of this novel, but I had a hard time following. The book jumped back and forth between narratives so much that I had trouble grasping what was actually happening, what was real and what was fictional.

I did, however, really enjoy the beauty of the writing. I can tell that Hendricks spent a great deal of time laboring over each and every word and phrase because it is absolutely beautiful. There was one line that stuck out from the entire book, it said "he wandered into that small place where breath cannot follow." I actually spend a few minutes every day just pondering how beautiful of a euphemism for death that is. I honestly would give this book 5 stars just because Hendricks came up with that line. It has been a great deal of time (or at least since AP Lang was in full swing) since I've read such wonderful and thought provoking writing.

While I really wanted to fall in love with the characters, I felt that they were a tad lackluster (especially compered to the writing that created them). I had a fun time reading about each of them, but they all ran together, and without vivid descriptions of every character, I had trouble picturing them especially early on.

This book was just the adult form of a bedtime story (funny that I always read it at bedtime), and it was highly enjoyable. If you are looking for a fun and intriguing read with fantastic writing, I would recommend this novel.

Belle <3

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Coffee and Books: All of Our Favorite Things

Literary Starbucks
by Jill Poskanzer, William Josephson, and Nora Katz
256 Pages
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

Ever wonder which intricate, elaborately-named drinks might be consumed if your favorite authors and characters wandered into a Starbucks? How many pumpkin lattes J.K. Rowling would drink? Or if Cormac McCarthy needed caffeine, which latte would be laconic enough? Look no further; LITERARY STARBUCKS explores such pressing matters with humor and erudition. Set over the course of a single day, and replete with puns and satirized literary styles, the three authors go darker, stronger, and more global than the blog in book format, including illustrations by acclaimed New Yorker cover artist and cartoonist Harry Bliss.

I cant say this book did it for me. I found it to be highly repetitive, especially because every page started with "___________ went up to the counter." Maybe I would have liked it more if I knew more about some of the authors that were mentioned, but I just found this so surface level.

For most of the authors, the reference was to the most famous book (or the magnum opus), and I would have appreciated a higher knowledge of the authors mentioned by the authors of this book. I understand the purpose of only mentioning the most well-known work, but my impression of it was that the authors didn't know that much on the topic they were writing about.

For the references that I did understand completely, they were all so very basic. When Holden Caulfield (the love of my life) went up to the counter, he wondered where the ducks went and thought the barista was a phony. I personally think it would have been more meaningful to mention loss of innocence or some thing from Franny and Zooey or the Glass family. That's just one basic example that I remember clearly, but the whole book was that way. Yes, of course, I liked the interactions between authors that never had the pleasure of meeting, but I wanted more of that.

I can tell that this book came directly from a Tumblr blog due to the lack of cohesion of it. There were a few pages that were interconnected, but the majority of it was random literary authors or characters that bought things from Starbucks and did something typical. If that appeals to you, then this book is from you 100%.

The Rating:

I'll be back in a few weeks,
Belle <3