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Book Superlatives- 2014

I just had a grand idea! It is to pick a book/ book character for every superlative that they gave out in my yearbook this year. I will do this every summer (as long as I am still able.) I think this will be a fun way to get my feelings out about books that I have read.


  1.  I have to pick books that I have read between the time I did my last superlative post, and the time I am writing my first one, so as of right now I can pick every book I have every read.
  2. I have to give a brief reason why I chose the book that I did.
  3. I cannot be too serious about this, and neither can you! ;)
Most Athletic:

This character is the most athletic character that I can think of.

I am going to give a cop-out answer to this superlative, and give it to.....
Twilight by Stephanie Meyer!
More specifically this goes to Edward Cullen because he is ridiculously fast, and nimble. 

For the girl, I am also being lazy of this one, and giving it to Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games Trilogy.
I think this makes sense because Katniss you know *spoiler alert* won The Hunger Games.

Best Looking: 

Best book cover.

My opinion may be skewed because this is the best book ever, but I am choosing The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken, and I don't care what you say!
I don't know. I just love the cover.

Most Spirited:

Book with best fandom.

Again, I am choosing another cop-out answer. HARRY POTTER by J.K. Rowling!!!!!
I am a fan of the fan base of this series, and they are all pretty cool! 

Are you ready for one of the most ridiculous superlatives?!

Best Hair:

Female character with the best hair!

I am choosing Cara from Alienated by Melissa Landers.
Cara has vibrant red hair, and it just sounds beautiful.

Most Musically Talented:

I think this is pretty self-explanatory.

This one is going to be Davy from Uninvited by Sophie Jordan
This girl was auditioning to go to Juilliard before some stuff happened. She has been good at every instrument she has ever played.

Best Smile:

Happiest Book

This is a very easy choice. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell!
This was such a adorable story, and it just always puts a smile on my face just thinking about it.

Biggest Flirt:

Character who was very outgoing with their preferred gender.

I think Noah Shaw fits the bill for this one. He is from The Mara Dyer Trilogy by Michelle Hodkin.
Before he met Mara, he was just a big player, and was happy just having sex, and attracting everyone he comes in contact with.

Best All Around:

Again, very self explanatory.

I loved TDM, but I don't war to pick it for two, so I am going with A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin. 
Overall, this book was very solid, and I loved most of the characters (horrible mistake). It was just action after action after action. I love it!

Most Likely to Host SNL:

Yes, this was actually a superlative. It will translate to book that needs a movie adaptation.

I am choosing Breathe by Sarah Crossan.
I think this would be a fantastic adaptation, and the setting would be really interesting to see translated into film. If this was done well, it would be an outstanding adaptation. 

Best Dressed:

Most beautiful descriptions.

I didn't love this book that much, but the descriptions in We Were Liars by E. Lockhart were too good.
The way that E. Lockhart described pain in this book was beautiful, and you could almost feel what Cady was going through when she described her wounds. 

Greenest Book:

Most environmental book.

Breaking my one per book rule to choose Breathe by Sarah Crossan.
This was literally about the environment.


Most well developed romance.

I am going with Jack and Saba from The Dust Lands Trilogy by Moira Young.
I just loved how their relationship progresses, and how perfect they were for each other. No matter what they always had each other. *swoons*

Most Artsy:

Best cover change:

I think the Shatter Me [by Tahereh Mafi] cover change was on point.
If you saw the first cover, you would know.

Best Eyes:

I don't feel like thinking.

Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

Its a fucking eye.

Most Likely to Live in Their Eno:

Most outdoorsy.

I think that Mal from The Grisha Trilogy works very well for this one. 

He literally spent the second half of this book surviving in the wilderness.

Most Likely to Sleep Through Graduation:

Laziest character.

Everyone from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest by Ken Kesey.
They are a bunch of looneys being loony all day in the loony bin.

Most Likely to Succeed:

Smartest Character.

I really like intelligent characters, so I had to choose an incredibly smart character. I have decided upon Tyrion Lannister from A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin.
Since he is a dwarf, he doesn't have looks or drawn, so he has to rely on his wits to keep him alive. It has worked very well thus far.

Biggest Heart:

Sweetest Character.

This is easily Astrid Jones from Ask the Passengers by A.S. King.
Astrid is just a really kind character even when everyone is bullying her.

Best to Take Home to Mom:


I think Lincoln from Attachments by Rainbow Rowell is a great pick for this category.
He is just a very cool character who is pretty attractive, and a overall nice guy.

Most Joined at the Hip:

Most clingy couple.

David and Laurel from The Wings Series by Aprilynne Pike were annoyingly together, and wouldn't leave each other alone. 
They were very overly attached to each other, and I was not even shipping them.

Class Rebel:

Best government takedown/ resistance.

I really liked the takedown in Raging Star by Moira Young (last Dust Lands book).
This takedown was better than most, and it worked out very well in the end. :)

Most Intelligent:

I guess I will do a female character now.

Zylia from Control by Lydia Kang. 
She extracted DNA, and found specific chromosomes, so she is pretty smart.

I have finished.
That took a long time.
At least this is an annual thing.
It was fun though!
If you liked this, tell me!
I hope I recommended some good books, and that you enjoy them if you try them out.


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