Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Review of Crank by Ellen Hopkins

By Ellen Hopkins
Series: Book 1 in Crank Trilogy
Age Range: 15+ (in my opinion)
Grade Level: At least high school
Pages: 537 (in first edition paperback)
Publisher: McElderry Books

Crank is about a girl who has been perfect all of her life, but then she gets into the drug scene. Her life spirals out of control as the monster starts to control her actions.

Going into Crank, I knew two things.

  1. It was written in verse (!!!!), and that would be very interesting to get into.
  2. It was about meth.
I expected a groundbreaking book about the danger of drugs. It was not that. I loved the writing style, and the way Hopkins described everything.
 I was not very fond of the way Ellen Hopkins made the drug seem. When I go into something having to do with drugs, I want to know that after reading/ watching it, I will NEVER want to get anywhere near the drugs. When Watching Breaking Bad I knew that meth was the worst thing ever, and that I would NEVER even be tempted into trying it. With this book, Kristina made meth seem like some super-drug that made you feel fantastic. It made crank seem like it was worth trying. 
I did enjoy reading this book, but I wanted it to make meth seem like it is as bad as it actually is. 

I know that I shouldn't have been, but I was always rooting for Bree to win over her parents, friends, and family. It was very bad, but I always do that. If they are the main character, chances are that I will be hoping that they win even if the character is a horrible person. I did not like Bree/Kristina, but I always wanted her to be able to do what she wanted. 

The overall story arc was not very great, and Kristina didn't really change after here first encounter with crank. Don't get me wrong, I liked reading this book, but the plot was not everything I wanted it to be. 

I adored the writing. The book was very long, but it went by really quick because none of the pages are completely filled like most books. Since it is written in verse, it took between 5-30 seconds for me to read each page. Also, the story never dragged on and became dull; I had fun reading this all the way through.

I am definitely planning on finishing this series, and look forward to see where this story goes in the future books. I can't wait to get more of Hopkin's writing!




Drugs: 10/10- the whole book centered around drugs, and almost every page mentioned the use of             drugs
Sex: 8/10- there was a lot of talk of sex, and the actual act of sex. There is one instance of rape, and the after effects of rape.
Violence: 5/10- I think rape is considered violence enough to where it can count for this category.
Language: 3/10- vulgarities were never really a problem in this story. Infrequent use of mild language.

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