Saturday, June 28, 2014

Top Seven Saturday: Top 7 Book Covers

There are a lot of book covers out there, and a lot of them seem to be the same. A lot of covers are just kinda meh, but when you see a cover that is just outstanding, you are just happy with the publishers. I may not love all of these stories, but all of the covers are exactly what I like to see.

7. To start off the list, I am going to choose Cinder by Marissa Meyer.
I love the color scheme for the book, and since all of the other colors are cool, the red really catches your eye.

6. Next, I have Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier.
This book is about time travel, and the cover really looks like a Victorian era cover. It captures the spirit of the book perfectly.

5. I am going to choose Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi.
The original cover for this book was atrocious, but after the change, this series has a wonderfully beautiful cover. I don't really get why  it is an eye, but it looks pretty cool.

4. Let's go with More Thank This by Partick Ness.
I feel like I talk a TON about this book, but it is too good not to. The cover really captures the mystery of the book, and looks fantastic while doing it. 

3. For number three, I am choosing, 172 Hours on the Moon by Johan Harstad.
You would have to be blind to not be able to tell how creepy this book is. It is a very well done cover, and it is terrifying. After seeing this cover, you could guess that it is a horror book. I love this cover too much.

2.  I know that this one had a cover change :,( but it is so pretty. The book I am talking about it The Diviners by Libba Bray.
Lets take a moment to bask in the beauty of the cover. 
The background is beautiful. The symbol looks ominous, and the colors are superb. The cover change is very average, and I cannot believe they would ever take away this beauty.

1. Last, but definitely not least, I have Never Fade by Alexandra Bracken.
I think at this point we know that I think this series is magnificent. The covers don't disappoint either. I love the color schemes of the books because they are important to the story (book one was orange, two is blue, and three is red.) The author really likes the idea that colors mean something to the story, so she makes the cover's color important too. I love the symbol (also important to the story), and the barbed wire on the edges. This cover should appeal to both guys and girls, so it is PERFECT!

Fun! Fun! I love book covers, and remember you can judge a book by its cover.


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