Monday, July 21, 2014

Review of The Secrets of Peaches by Jodi Lynn Anderson

The Secret of Peaches
by Jodi Lynn Anderson
Book 2 of The Peaches Trilogy
Age Range: 13+
Grade Level: Middle School-ish
Pages: 299
Publisher: Harper Teen

Since this is the second book in a series, I am not gonna give you much of a synopsis because spoilers! This takes place during the school year that follows the summer covered in Peaches. It is about the hard times that the girls face trying to stay connected before they have to leave at the end of the year for college, or whatever they have in store for themselves.

The Short:
I didn't like this as much as the first book, but that is usually the case with second books in trilogies. This was just melancholy, and was just kind of sad.

The Good:

  • I really like and connect to the characters in this series. I really like the three main girls, and hope that they stay friends through the third book.
  • The setting was fun, and well done, and I think I liked it more because I am familiar with Georgia.
  • I love all the times spent at the peach orchard. I think it is the perfect sweet, summery setting for this story.
  • The BOYS! Yum!
  • Murphy is so funny, and snarky. She is probably the best character.
The Bad:
  • Leeda was annoying is this book. For a good majority of the story, she was at a disconnect, and it didn't make much sense to me.
  • The whole story seemed sad. I thought the first book was fun and happy, but this was just kind of disappointing.


Sex: it happens once, but after that it is just a lot of kissing. and streaking once
Language: not a thing
Violence: nope

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