Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Book Buying Ban of Sorts

As you may have noticed, my book hauls contained HUGE amounts of books. In my June book haul, I had about 50 books, and in July I had about 35. So in two months I have acquired about 85 books! That is a crazy, and just enormous number because I read 12 books in those two months. I don't even know what to say about the ratio of books read to books bought. It is just huge and lopsided, and overall BAD!

Belle, What are you going to do about it?

Well, [insert your name here], I was about to tell you, but you just had to go and be impatient and interrupt me.

I have decided that for ever three books I read, I get to buy one book. I think that a 3:1 ratio is very sufficient and should eliminate my book buying problem (unless I read a GIGANTIC amount of books, but who can complain about that).  Also, the -

So are there any limitations, or is it just you can't get any books until you read three?

Again with your interruptions. It is just rude, and I think you should let me finish my sentences before you interrupt me. Did your parents not teach you manners?! Some people just don't understand.

Yes, there are limitations.

  • If someone offers to buy me a book or three, I cannot refuse.
  • If I receive a gift card of Amazon/ B&N, I can buy books because it isn't my money. 
  • If a publisher decides to send me a book to review, I will be getting and reviewing the book because I LOVE BOOKS. And I love reviewing books.
  • If I happen to win a giveaway, I will be accepting the prize because its free books, and I can't help it if I'm lucky.
  • A book for school is always allowed.
  • Goodwill is allowed because it is dirt cheap and it helps support poor people!
Now that you know the limitations, on to how long this will-

BELLE! How long will this ban last?

CAN YOU NOT LET ME FINISH!? This is getting absurd. If you would have let me finish my sentences, you would not have to ask such infantile questions.

This ban will last indefinitely, or until I think my TBR pile is not overtaking my bookshelves.

Let me paint you a picture of my bookshelves. I have my Billy bookshelves from Ikea. They have 3 shelves, and are pretty sturdy. On my right shelf, I have all my read books. The top shelf is finished series, the middle is hardcovers, and the bottom is paperbacks, and a few random hardcovers.  It is very neat and tidy, but then you get to the LEFT SHELF. [insert dramatic music here. preferably from the Game of Thrones soundtrack]

It is packed in, so I have about 40 or so books comfortably fitting on the normal spot, I have two stacks in front of the comfy books. The two stacks are roughly 10 books, and make it so you can't see the nicely put books. Then there are two books on either side of the stacks that I find pretty. 

On top of the books shelves, I have 5 stacks of books about 10-20 books high with random books that didn't fit on the shelves. Then I have half filled box sets. 

It is just a pigsty.

The worst part is that I haven't read most of the books. I am fine with a disastrous shelf once I read at least half of the books, but right now I am sitting on about one read book for every 5 or six unread books.  That is another terrible ratio that I need to remedy.

Now you understand the real reason why I don't want to buy as many books.

Are you on a book buying ban? Should you be? 

Tell me in the comments, or tweet at me on Twitter.


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