Sunday, August 3, 2014

"DNF" Review of The Awakening by Kate Chopin

The Awakening
by Kate Chopin
116 Pages
Published by Dover Thrift
Age: 14+
Grade: 8th Grade/ High School

This story is about a woman who decides to cheat on her husband with a guy, and becomes symbolically awake.

I didn't finish this book at about 70 pages. I just couldn't get into the writing, and story. The characters were very blah. I can't side with a woman who cheats on her husband, and I can't side with a husband who treats his wife as his property. I don't like reading about a cheater.

I can see why people love this book, but it just wasn't me. It is a feminist piece of literature, and I'm not a feminist. I did not like reading this for school.

I looked back on this, and felt the need to clarify some things. I did end up having to finish this book since I had to write an essay on it on the second day of school. I am going to stick by my review because I think it's still accurate, but I just wanted to clarify that I did finish the book. Also, in regards to my feminist comment, I don't like calling myself a feminist due to the negative connotation surrounding it. I am a very big advocate for equal rights for women, but I think that a new word for the movement is needed to get rid of the negativity surrounding it, but that's for another post on a different day.



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