Friday, September 19, 2014

Review of Lord of the Flies by William Golding

Lord of the Flies
by William Golding
202 Pages
Age Range: 14+
Grade Level: 9th
Publisher: Perigee

This is the story of a bunch of kids who plane crashed on an abandoned island, and how their little society evolves.

The Short:
I know that every literature teacher ever will disagree with me, but THIS IS NOT A VERY GOOD BOOK! Granted, they subtextual elements in this story are wonderful, but when you take this book at face value, you run into some problems. Namely, it is boring. It is a very slow to develop book with TOO MUCH DESCRIPTION! I didn't enjoy the story of the book, but at the very least I can respect this book.

The Good: 

  • Like I said before, the subtext was beautiful. Everything was a symbol, and figuring out what the symbolical purpose of each character was like a very intricate puzzle where each piece fits into numerous other pieces. Once you get through all the symbols, this book is about the evil that every person has inside of them, and no matter what, when given the chance, a person will always be evil. 
  • The characters were pretty cool. I enjoyed Ralph's persona the most because he was democracy. He was the fair boy on the island -both physically and symbolically. 
  • Having said that I liked Ralph, Jack never ceased to entertain me. Him and his clique were so outlandish wight their beliefs and actions that you can't help but have fun reading about him. 
  • The way the Golding made fear such a big part of the island was fascinating. I have never read a book where fear became the sole motivator for all of the character's actions. Everything that they did had to do with being scared of the beastie which did end up just being an embodiment of the boys on the island. 
The Bad:
  • The plot of the book was B-O-R-I-N-G!! Literally nothing happened until about chapter 5 when they had their council meeting. It was just not something that interested me.
  • The side characters just faded into the background. Simon, Samneric, Piggy, Jack and Ralph were the only characters that were helpful in moving the story along. All the others were just painted savages or littluns. And even then, the littluns maybe talked once if they even had that. Most of them didn't even have a name, much less a start to a  personality.
The Rating:

The Wrap-Up:
Overall, this was not a very good book, but that was expected because I read it for school. this was by no means the worst book I have read in school.

I am especially glad the Ms. LitTeacher didn't make us read it for longer than we should have. Ms. LitTeacher: U da read MVP.


The Content:
Language: Not much of a problem. There is an infrequent use of the a-word.
Sex: not a problem because there were only boys on the island, and in the time this was written, no one spoke about homosexuality. There is one scene that is considered  a rape scene, but if you're only looking at the face value of the book, there is no sex.
Violence: this is one of the most blatantly violent books I have ever read. 

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