Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Reads: October 10, 2014

Books. Books. Books. BOOKS!
Actually only three books.
I am reading books this weekend because I have a FOUR DAY WEEKEND!! Yippee!
I am going to try to get through 3 books because I think it is plausible.

Right now, I am reading Unleashed by Sophie Jordan, and it is getting good. I can just tell.
Currently, I am 108 pages in, and it is very well done. 
This books comes out in February of next year, so if you read Uninvited and enjoyed it, I would highly recommend looking into this book because resolution.

After I finish that, I will be reading Me Being Me Is Exactly as Insane as You Being You by Todd Hasak- Lowy.
This book is sexy. Just overall, it is sexy. The book is written entirely in LISTS! Like what does that even mean? How is that going to work out? I AM SO EXCITED!!! 
This book comes out in April 2015, so look forward to it when it comes out. 
I should be finishing it pretty quickly, so look forward to a review of it. 

Finally, I will try too get to 5 to 1 by Holly Bodger. 
This is actually a really cool sounding book. It is written in dual POVs one in verse and the other in prose. STEP ASIDE, ELLEN HOPKINS! We have someone coming to rival your spot for the best verse book. I kid of course. 
But this is a dystopian novel where in India there are 5 boys for every girl. Women come together and make a country where they can't be sold like cattle. A girl is upset. Her angst is shown in verse. A boy is upset. His manly feeling are shown in prose.
This comes out May 2015, so if this sounds cool to you, you have a very long time to wait and anticipate it. 

So I hope reading actually happens.


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