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Pre-Blog Goodreads Reviews Part II: Dystopian

I know all of you loved my last installment of this series, so I here is my next one. This time it will be completely dystopian books.

A Girl Called Fearless by Catherine Linka

There was a byproduct in meat that caused women to get ovarian cancer. Now with women scarcer than ever, they are being sold off to the highest bidder. The main character doesn't want that for herself. Her only option is to run away, but running away means no going back.

Review: This book was only okay. The characterization was lacking, and the plot was very dull. I was not in any way satisfied by the ending, and I really hope there is a sequel.

3/5 Stars

Matched by Ally Condie

The government controls every aspect of their subordinates' lives: who they marry, what they ear, when they die. Cassia is about to be "matched" to her ideal mate, but two faces come up.

Review: To describe this book in one word, I would choose "meh". Overall, this book wasn't very enthralling, and the characters were't really developed. At many times during the book, Cassia was annoying. Having said that, I did enjoy the plot and the world. I think I will end up reading the next book, and I hope the characters get better developed.

3/5 Stars

Destroy Me by Tahereh Mafi

Novella between Shatter Me and Unravel Me. Told from Warner's perspective.

Review: This was an enjoyable novella. I am glad I got to see in Warner's head because he seemed like such a sociopath in Shatter Me. My opinion of him had definitely changed, and I am glad I got around to reading this before I started Unravel Me.

3/5 Stars

Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi

Sequel to Shatter Me. Picking up a little after it left off.

Review: Could Juliette have been any more annoying. Her entire existence seemed to be comprised of crying and blushing and being confused and did I mention how she has a real problem breathing. And don't even get me started on Adam. He was just as annoying as she was. The only highlights in the book were Kenji and Warner. It seems that I am Team Warner now. The plot of the story was fairly interesting, and that is why it got 4 starts. Hopefully Ignite Me doesn't disappoint me.

4/5 Stars

Fracture Me by Tahereh Mafi

Novella from Adam's POV. Basically the end of Unravel Me from Adam's POV.

Review:** spoiler alert ** I am really starting to dislike Adam. In the first chapter of this he was awful to James, and making James call him "sir". Like what the hell is that about; yes, I know they were joking around, but Adam was a asshole to him. And the fact that he didn't let Kenji go after Juliette. Dude, I know your brother might be dead, but you have to still let SOMEONE go after Juliette. Adam is just a tall, very-attractive idiot, and Juliette deserves Warner.

3/5 Stars
Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi

Final book in Shatter Me trilogy. Picks up basically where Unravel Me lets off.

Review: Finally, there is an end to a series that didn't suck. Tahereh really brought the action, and romance. I am pleased to announce that Juliette chose the right guy for her. Hopefully Adam and Alia get together, but thats completely up to your imagination. This was a great end to a good trilogy.

4/5 Stars

Uninvited by Sophie Jordan

Little Miss Perfect has the kill gene. She loses everything.

Review: This was a pretty good book. I enjoyed Davy's character, and even though she was very dependent on Sean, Davy was a relatively strong character. I knew I was going to really enjoy the plot of the book when I read the synopsis, and it did not disappoint. I took off a star because there wasn't very much characterization going on, and I would have become more attached to the characters if I knew them better.

4/5 Stars

Blood Red Road by Moira Young

Saba's twin brother gets kidnapped. She HAS to go after him, but since her dad just dies, and her mom died in childbirth, she has to bring her little sister along. Along the way Saba and her sister themselves get kidnapped. Saba is forced into cage-fighting.

Review: This book was honestly like no dystopian I have ever read before. The characters were vivid and came to life. The plot started with action from the first 50 pages. My only trouble with this book was the lack of quotation marks, and at first the way everyone spoke. After a few pages the grammar and spelling problems were not a big deal. I really enjoyed reading this story, and i cannot wait to start the second.

5/5 Stars
Rebel Heart by Moira Young

Sequel to Blood Red Road

Review: I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. The plot was rich, and you never knew what was going to happen next. Also, the characters were unpredictable; you never knew who to trust. The only annoying characters were Saba and Lugh; they were constantly fighting, and Saba was always upset about something. Saba was also very illogical, and I cannot stand that in a character. All in all the book was great. Too bad i still have to wait until May for the next book.

5/5 Stars
Raging Star by Moira Young

Finale to Dust Lands Trilogy

Review: I have finished!!! This series was so fantastic. I loved every book, and this one did not disappoint. I love all of the characters, and once you get past the writing style, and get to the story, it is utterly terrific.

5/5 Stars

Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi

This girl gets exiled from her home. She meets someone. Adventure.

Review: Where to start. This book was a mess. Sorry to everyone who liked it, but it just was NOT for me. All the characters were flat, and none were very developed. The only one I felt anything towards was Roar, but only because he was funny. The story was boring most of the time. I thought this was an extremely corny book, and it was way too cliche in my opinion. There were moments when I would read a line (mostly said by Aria), and I just had to shut the book and have a cringe attack. For example, Aria was asking Perry lots of questions and he would answer never, so she said something along the lines of thats a lot of nevers under the never sky. So bad.

3/5 Stars

Not a Drop to Drink by Mindy McGinnis

In a world without water, Lynn has a pond. She has to protect this pond at ALL costs.

Review: I really enjoyed reading this book once I got into it. After the first 70 pages, the story started picking up and was fantastic. I enjoyed all of the characters. Lynn was a great main character, and was never annoying. She was a very dynamic character, and I think she could have jumped right out of the book and live an actual life. The world was pretty cool, and did not have too many holes. The romance in the book was never overpowering, and was always really sweet. Additionally, it was always very entertaining when Lynn was super awkward with Eli. I am glad that I got to read this book. I am really excited to read other books by the author.
5/5 Stars

The Selection Stories by Kiera Cass

Two Novellas in the Selection world. One from Maxon's POV and one from Aspen's POV.

Review: This is so annoying. I decided that I preferred Maxon, but the Guard had to go and screw that up for me. I guess I just don't care who she ends up with; America should be happy with either option.

3/5 Stars
The Elite by Kiera Cass

Second book in the Selection Trilogy

Review: Although I did really enjoy this book, I had a few problems with it. 
Pros: The cover is gorgeous-10/10 on cover design.some drama (Celeste, Marlee).
Cons: Not much happened plot wise. If I'm being completely honest, the entire book was just fluff, and they seemed to only make this a trilogy for money. America was annoying No i want Maxon, Maxon i love you, maxon how could you, Aspen i love you, etc. This book should have been merged with The Selection, but whatever. Having said that, i am really looking forward to The One!!
3/5 Stars
The One by Kiera Cass

Final Book in the Selection Trilogy

Review: This was a fun series, but I am glad it ended. The ending was everything I hoped for and more. Definitely my favorite in the series. You really got to take a look at the world outside of the palace walls, and get to know the true motives behind the rebel attacks. Also, there was a death of a selection member, and as much as it pains me to say, I was waiting the whole series for that. On a less morbid note, she picked a guy that was good for her, and I was not disappointed at all. The other guy she didn't pick ended up with an equally well suited girl. This was a very satisfying conclusion to the series.

3/5 Stars

So those were ALL the dystopian books that I have reviews for from before I had this blog. I know some of the reviews were less than stellar as expected. There are still more parts to this series, so get excited!!


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