Friday, November 28, 2014

Review of The Body Electric by Beth Revis

The Body Electric
by Beth Revis
482 Pages
Age Range: 13+
Grade Level: 8th Grade
Publisher: Scripturient Books

Ella lives in a perfect world. Her government is the most stable and largest union in the world, and she is special. She can go inside other people's dreams. When the ruler of the world comes to her for help, she has to obey. It is a matter of national security, and Ella has to take down the terrorist organization. That is until she meets a boy who claims that they were in love, but he is also the head to the organization. Who does she have to trust? Herself? The boy? Her government?

The Short:
When I say this, I am not saying that I didn't enjoy reading this book, but it just seemed generic to me. I liked the store, but the world as a whole seemed like it was pulled from a stock-story. There was not really any part of it that was special, and I had a real problem with that. Having said that, I had fun reading this book, but it was nothing more than average. If you are looking for a mind-blowing science fiction story with a great world, you should look elsewhere. But if you want a pretty decent YA science fiction novel with a solid romance, you should pick this up.

The Good:

  • The romance was wonderful. I really liked how it played out, and all the rediscovery in it. Beth Revis did a very good job making the romance not seem forced, and in the memory loss stories that I have read, the romance was sort of twisted, but the author did a very good job with it. 
  • I could really respect what the author was trying to get at with the whole what-does-it-mean-to-be-human thing. She did a very good job developing that part of the story, and it didn't really get me to question anything, but it made a lot of sense what she was getting at.
  • The author also hinted on the idea of free will, and if it actually exists. The way that she went about doing that was very indirect which was exactly what the story needed because if she straight up told you her opinion on it, it would come off as insincere or as if she was stuffing it down your throat.
  • The story was very fun. It was not very good, and a good amount of it was completely pointless, but I had fun reading it.
  • Very good violence. I really like it when an author can describe action in a way that you understand what is going on, and Beth Revis really did a marvelous job of it. 
The Bad:
  • This book didn't actually get interesting until the last quarter of it. It was slowly ambling along until you reached a certain point that was closer to the end of the book than the middle, and it hit you in the face with action.
  • I didn't care about the characters even a little bit. I'm going to be honest and say that they weren't that well developed, and they didn't seem to have much of a character arc.
  • The world was very dull and typical. There wasn't really a thing about this world that made it special. There were androids, cyborgs, and half-human half-robot people. That sound like every science fiction book ever, and I just wanted to have something of interest in the world, but that just didn't deliver. 
The Rating:


The Content:
The Language: Pretty bad language.
The Sex: Not that much. A good amount of kissing. Mention of someone being gay (Not at all a big deal, and honestly who in this day and age cares about that). Mentions sex. 
The Violence: Lots of violence. 90% of this book is violence.
The Drugs: Nope

I received this book in exchange for an honest review, and honestly it would be more difficult to make a dishonest review than a truthful one. 

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