Sunday, November 2, 2014

Review of The Distance Between Us by Kasie West

The Distance Between Us 
By Kasie West
312 Pages
Age Range: 12+
Grade Level: 7th
Publisher: Harper Teen

Caymen has been taught to be wary of rich people. All of that changes when super-rich Xander walks into her life. He doesn't fit with any of her preconceived ideas about how rich people should act. She may know from the start that their relationship is doomed, but she is willing to try anyway.

The Short:
This was not an original story. I guess it could be a modern retelling of Romeo and Juliet since Caymen was never allowed to become involved with rich people, but she does anyway. Having said that, I did like it. It was good, and Caymen was sarcastic as fuck. It was pretty great to read. I did have more than a few problems with it though.

The Good:

  • Like I sad before, Caymen was so witty. I loved her exchanges with everyone since she could literally not say two sentences without being sarcastic.
  • The "career days" were always hilarious to read. They were very ridiculous, and funny enough to where I looked forward to the next one.
  • The mom was very present which is not a very common thing in YA books, so it was much appreciated. Also, Xander's family existed which you NEVER read about. 
The Bad:
  • A lot of the exchanges that took place in this book seemed forced and awkward. I think it was because some of the wording was not that well thought out.
  • I didn't really believe the relationship at all, and in a contemporary book, thats basically all that matters. It was not bad, but I never really believed that money was a big deal to either of them, and it was played up a lot more than it should have been. 
  • I never really got a sense of the setting. I am pretty sure it took place in a beach town, but the author should have played that up a lot more than it was. I don't think they went to the beach once, and them having a beach was maybe mentioned twice in the whole book. I would have loved to see a scene of Caymen and Xander going to the beach.
The Rating:


The Content:
Language: I don't remember at all if this had bad language, and honestly I don't really notice unless it is like 10/10 vulgar.  So I guess what I'm trying to say is that it was not 10/10 vulgar.
Violence: No.
Sex: Kissing. That is literally it. 

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