Sunday, December 14, 2014

Review of The Inferno by Dante Alighieri

The Inferno 
by Dante Alighieri
Book 1 in The Divine Comedy
270 Pages

This is the story of Dante's journey through hell. He writes about all 9 circles of hell, the punishments of each circle, and who from his time period would go to each circle of hell.

The Short:
I'm just going to be frank and say that I didn't like reading this book. It was kind of hard to read, and it was just not that interesting overall. Yes, it was pretty cool to see what Dante though hell would be and it was funny whenever he specifically named a person because I could just see the people from his time period being scandalized by this book. This is just not a great book overall, and I just don't think it was one that I would have enjoyed.

The Good:

  • It was very intricate, and you could tell the amount of thought that Dante put in creating each level of hell, and picking out the people that would have gone in each level.
  • Dante overall was just an idiot, and I was entertained by that. One canto he would be crying and fainting because he was so sorry for someone in hell, then a few canton later he would be kicking someone in the head and ripping his hair out. His character progression was just not how I expected it to go, but I liked it. 
The Bad:
  • It was marginally funny. I was disappointed with the amount of humor for a book that is called a comedy. I think in the whole book I may have laughed twice, but maybe it's because all the people Dante mentioned are completely irrelevant now, so them being in part of hell meant nothing to me. 
  • It was very hard to read. There were so many words and it was written in a way that no one talks anymore, so it was pretty annoying to have to read.
  • The cantos were disconnected from each other. They would just happen and it would have nothing to do with the cantos before or after it.
The Rating:


The Content:
The Language: Some cursing. Not that often, but it does happen.
The Violence: This whole book is violence and different methods of torture
The Sex: Mentions it, but nothing really.
The Drugs: Nope.

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