Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Year in Review: Part 2- April to June

Now that you have seen the first quarter of the year, we are moving onto quarter two.

                          4/5 Stars                               4/5 Stars                         5/5 Stars

Note: Is anyone else laughing that I only read three books this month? Because I am.

Average Rating for April: 4.33/5 Stars
Books Read in April: 3

                                 4/5 Stars                       4/5 Stars                            3/5 Stars

                               5/5 Stars                        3/5 Stars                          3/5 Stars

                              4/5 Stars                           5/5 Stars                           3/5 Stars

                              4/5 Stars                           4/5 Stars                           3/5 Stars

                                 3/5 Stars                        5/5 Stars                             5/5 Stars

5/5 Stars

Average Rating for May: 3.94/5 Stars
Books Read in May: 16

                               2/5 Stars                         5/5 Stars                             5/5 Stars

                                                    3/5 Stars                             4/5 Stars

Average Rating for June: 3.8/5 Stars
Books Read in June: 5


Average Rating for Second Quarter: 3.96/5 Stars
Books Read in Second Quarter: 24
Total Books Read at End of Second Quarter: 58

As you can probably tell, I did get a LOT stricter on my ratings, and I also kind of started my very long reading slump. Its really good that I did end up bumping up my reading challenge because I was done with the 52 books by the second quarter, and there is no challenge in my original goal.


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