Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Year in Review: Part 3- July to September

We are at the point in my year where I was reading barely any books because summer was upon us and I had tons of stuff to do between camp, lacrosse, and school. I still read more than a few books because I like reading, so I never really cut it out of my life, but it just slowed down from where I was in previous months.

                              3/5 Stars                          1/5 Stars                              3/5 Stars

                              3/5 Stars                            4/5 Stars                           4/5 Stars
3/5 Stars

Average Rating for July: 3/5 Stars
Books Read in July: 7

                            2/5 Stars                           4/5 Stars                              4/5 Stars

                             4/5 Stars                           4/5 Stars                          3/5 Stars

                                                          5/5 Stars                    4/5 Stars
Average Rating for August: 3.75/5 Stars
Books Read in August: 8

                                3/5 Stars                          4/5 Stars                          2/5 Stars

                              3/5 Stars                           4/5 Stars                             3/5 Stars

Average Rating for September: 3.17/5 Stars
Books Read in September: 6


Average Rating for Third Quarter: 3.38/5 Stars
Books Read in Third Quarter: 21
Total Books Read at End of Third Quarter: 79

I feel like these months were okay in number and not that great in content. It takes a lot for me to give a book one star, but I did in this quarter, and I only had one book that deserved five stars. I don't even know what was going on with my reading in these months, but I am glad that it picked up.


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