Friday, January 9, 2015

A Year in Review: Part 8- Challenges

I don't know why, but last year I didn't be very ambition on my reading goals. I guess, I didn't think it mattered that much how much I read because I didn't have a blog. Anyway, I made a few goals, and lets see if I met them.

  1. Read 100 books: YES! I did this one. I got a few books over my goal, and that makes me VERY happy with myself. There were a few points in the year where I thought that I would have no chance in finishing this challenge, but somehow I pulled it off. This one was especially special because 2014 was the first full year that I actually wanted to read, and pulling off the 100 books just makes me feel really happy since I was still getting into the habit of reading a lot. 
  2. Read 12 Classics: I made this one because I knew that I was going to be reading a lot of YA because I love YA, so I wanted to diversify my reading experiences. When I counted this one up, I read a grand total of 11 classics this year. I was so close.  I am not disappointed that I didn't complete this goal. I feel like I should be annoyed with it, but I am happy. I definitely want to read more classics next year, but for not having classics at my disposal for two or three months of the year, this is great. :)
  3. Be done with 14 series: My last goal was just out of respect of my TBR pile, and me wanting to GET DONE with series. When I started 2014, I was done with 4 series (Twilight, The Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, and Divergent). I was embarrassed with that number (even though I just started reading again a few months prior), so in order to remedy that I decided that I would be don't with 10 more series by the end of 2014. Luckily, I finished my 14th when I read Resist by Sarah Crossan back in November.
And that was it. I was a lot less ambitious last year with my reading goals, and I am super satisfied with the reading that I did get done last year.

And that is it. We have reached the end of this epic quest of my reading. I am more than satisfied with my year, and I think this has been a fun series to make. It was like Hanukkah, but a lot less exciting. :)

What were your reading goals last year? Did you complete them?


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