Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Finishing Books

One thing that I am outstanding at is finishing a book after I started it.

It is very unlikely that I will pick up a book, and never see it through to the end. I don't care how little I am enjoying it or how long it takes, I will finish the book. I don't understand why I do this to myself. I could be hating every word of the book, but I will carry on.

That was the case when I read World War Z by Max Brooks last year. It took me three months, and I was hating it more that I was intrigued, but never the less I finished the book. My biggest problem with the book was that once a character's interview concluded, you never saw that character again. He could be the most badass zombie slayer there ever was, but once his story was told, poof, gone. I suffered through the book, and I gave the book 1 star, but I can say that I finished it.

I don't like to to not see a book through to the end. I may start a book and get 8 pages in and forget about the book, but you can bet your bottom dollar that I will finish the book eventually.

The only book that I got VERY close to quitting forever was The Awakening by Kate Chopin. It was just an overall shitty book, and it glorified infidelity, so I had no respect for Edna or the author. I just could barely get through it, and it was just trash. I am going to say that when I wrote my review for the book, I was 80 pages into it, and had no intentions of ever finishing it, but then I got the the first day of school, and surprise, we had an in-class essay on it the next day, so I hauled ass and read that shit on the day of the essay (I got an 80 :/).

I think I am very glad in the long run that I did stick it out through the last 40 (?) pages because I would have been pissed off if I didn't read the last scene (it was a not very good scene, but that last scene was the reason I did so well on my essay).

I just have this feeling of not having closure if I never make it through a book. I will say that I have no problem not finishing series because sometimes it sucks so much worse to suffer through one or three more books than be satisfied that you can guess what happened because it was oh so predictable.

What about you guys though? I am really interested whether or not I am the only one that does this and will suffer through 300+ pages of a terrible book because you want to finish it. I'm 99.99% sure it is a pride thing for me, and I just cant stand not finishing it. Is that just me? Do you guys finish the book even if it sucks, or do you say fuck it and find something else?


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  1. I admit I can't finish books that I don't like. Really admire you for doing it though! I have at times gone back to a book and given it another chance, and then loved it. But if I absolutely don't like the writing, I'll give up and not feel a bit guilty. :)