Friday, March 20, 2015

Pre-Blog Goodreads Reviews Part V: Read for School

I know that none of you actually thought that I would continue posting these, but here it is PART 5!

School books. I am not a fan of these. Whatever. Lets put my awful reviews up.

Once Upon a Road Trip by Angela N. Blount

Angeli doesn't fit in. So after her senior year, she embarks on a  2 month long road trip throughout America and Canada. She stays with her friends that she has met on the internet, and has some crazy experiences. And finds love.

Review: This book was pretty good for being nonfiction. Angie was a pretty annoying main character because she was overly awkward, seemed to force her religion onto people, had a massive inferiority complex, and was annoying when it came to relationships. I enjoyed how this story was true, and had element of a fictional young adult novel; including, a love triangle, and a strong message of: It gets better. The story was enjoyable, and Angie was just crazy enough never to give up on the trip. I liked reading this book, and it was a wonderful choice of nonfiction literature.
3/5 Stars

Swindle by Gordan Korman

Someone steals a baseball card. Someone else gets mad.

Review: I remember reading this book for school and absolutely detesting it, but if I was to at any time reread it, I probably wouldn't hate it as much.

1/5 Stars

The Other Wes Moore by Wes Moore
Two people with the same name grew up in similar environments, but  turned out completely different.

Review: I read this back in the summer for my ninth grade lit class, and I didn't like it. The characters were all very boring and flat. I know that this is nonfiction, so he couldn't really lie about the changes that happened, but the problem is that they were not very good characters. I feel that this book was meant to be a nature/nurture book, but it didn't come off that way. It started out in Baltimore which is a pretty big city, and the characters were named Wesley Moore. Now, Moore is a very common last name, and Wesley is a bit different but in the end it is very often used. To say that it was a huge coincidence that two people in the same city have the same name, but turned out differently is just pointless. I never really liked any particular part of this book, and that is why it deserved only two stars.
2/5 Stars

So school books are terrible. These reviews are just as terrible. Its fun.


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