Sunday, March 22, 2015

Quick Review of Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo

Ruin and Rising
by Leigh Bardugo
Final book in The Grisha Trilogy
422 Pages
Publisher: Henry Holt and Co.

This is a final book. I suspect that you don't want spoilers, so no summary.

I am feeling SUPER lazy right now, so I am going to try out this lay style of reviewing. I am not going to make this my normal, but instead when I am running out of time, and I need to review, I will use this format. This style is still a work in progress, but I have to start somewhere.

I did not like this book. I'm sorry if you did, but I thought that it sucked. In fact, I haven't read a book this uninteresting for a long while.

Like I just said, this book was a bore to read. I was disinterested in the plot, and for the first portion of it I was going to quit the series. At times I really hated this due to how cheesy it got. I can handle a little bit of cheesiness, but this was just too much. I was a bit offended.

If you liked the first two book, you will probably like the romance in this one, but I was never really a fan of the romance. I always shipped Alina and the Darkling, so I didn't care for anything else.

We got introduced to some new characters, but I just didn't care for anyone. They all seemed to regress into weaker people, and I didn't appreciate that.

It was way to convenient for my taste. It tied everything up, but I just thought that it was unrealistic. I get that this is fantasy, but it was just too pretty of an end. There was nothing that would leave a lasting impression on me. It was really not memorable

I really want to say yes here, but this series just didn't do it for me. I gave the first book 4/5 stars, but the last two get half as many stars. I just couldn't get into the writing and the world. Leigh Bardugo really just writes slow plots, and I don't like that.

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