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Book Superlatives- 2015

Well, I know I am very late on this one, but it's finally happening. I am bringing back BOOK SUPERLATIVES. If you didnt already know, this is a series that I started last year, and what I do is look in my yearbook for the year of school I just finished, create a bookish superlative off of the real one, and then pick a book that best fits the superlative. I am going to go over the rules real quick as a refreshed, but I will also link my 2014 post here. As a sign note, this post also means that I've been blogging for over a year. I can't even believe it. It feels like just yesterday I was scared to say fuck, and posted my first post. AAAHHHH MEMORIES. Here are the rules from last year. I don't think I am going to change them at all.


  1.  I have to pick books that I have read between the time I did my last superlative post (June 24, 2014), and the time I am making this.
  2. I have to give a brief reason why I chose the book that I did.
  3. I cannot be too serious about this, and neither can you! ;)

Well, lets just get right into this shit:

Best all Around (Objectively the Best Book):
A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin
If any of you have been paying attention to me, I have a slight (okay, more than slight) Game of Thrones Obsession, and out of the four of the books that I have read, this is objectively the best book, and this series will obviously get the spot for my favorite book.

Most Likely to Live in the Woods (Most Outdoorsy Character):
In the Afterlight by Alexandra Bracken
This award goes to Ruby because she has lived outside, and in a car, and in a thousand other uncomfortable places. Ruby basically has my utmost respect when it comes to living outside and knowing (and surviving) the outdoors.

One of a Kind (Most Unique Book):
Carousel by Brendan Ritchie
This is about a bunch of people that get trapped in a mall during the end of the world. It wasn't that the idea was that inventive, but rather the way the author went about it. It wasn't that he had to try very hard to push the idea of the world being dead, it was just kinda there. I appreciated everything about this book, and I fucking hope a second one comes out.

Best to Bring Home to Mom (Book I Recommended the Most): 
This Song Will Save Your Life by Leila Sales
I dont recommend books too often, but whenever I'm with someone in the bookstore, and I see this book, I immediately ask if they've read it. Oh, by the way, you should definitely read this book.

Most Athletic (Most Athletic Character, Obviously):
The Inferno by Dante
This fucker walked through hell literally, and he never complained about being tired. Then he fucking walked up purgatory, and then floated through heaven. Dis guy is a true athlete.

Class Saint (Most Godly Book):
The Merciless by Danielle Vega
I'm such an asshole. This book is about an exorcism that turns into torture. But at least the girls were godly. hahahaha

Best Dressed (Best Girl-in-Dress Cover):
The Winner's Curse by Marie Rutkoski
Just fucking look at this dress. Its stunning. I don't like the dress on book two as much, and also this dress is literally perfect.

Most Artistic (Highest Quality Cover):
The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger
I appreciate this cover because it means something. It is a symbolic representation of the story, which is more than I can say about most covers nowadays. But let me spell this out for you: a carousel horse (childhood?) that is off its carousel (lost? not a child anymore?) with New York (setting?) in the background. Hmmmmm

Most Spirited (Favorite Fandom):
A Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin
This is kinda cheating because I've already repped GoT, but this is a different book. I am obviously in  love with GoT, so this was the only choice I could have made for the best fandom.

Class Inseparables (Best Friendship):
Peaches by Jodi Lynn Anderson 
Birdie, Murphy, and Leeda's friendship is actually perfect. Yes, they have some ups and downs, but throughout this book and this series, I am in love and kinda jealous with the relationship these three girls have. You can truly tell that they love each other.

Class Clown (Funniest Book):
Me Being Me Is Exactly As Insane As You Being You by Todd Hasak-Lowy
First, respect: this book is written 100% in lists. Second, reasoning: this book shows the mind of a 15 year old boy, and it doesn't bother to censor it, so its crazy comical. Third, author: I actually love the author, he's amazing. Last, references: WILCO.

Most Likely to Succeed (Best Indie/Self-Published Book):
The Camelot Kids: Book One by Ben Zackheim
I read this for a blog tour, and didnt expect too much from it, but ti was actually so good. It is a middle grade book, and it has pictures. It has a very good story arc through this book, and I cannot wait for the second book.

Best Looking (Most Aesthetically Pleasing Cover):
In a Handful of Dust by Mindy McGinnis
Just look at this shit. The color, and the path, and the mountians. Its fucking beautiful. I don't think a series has better covers than these books.

Most Likely to Host SNL (Book In Need of an Adaptation): 
Alias Hook by Lisa Jensen
This one may come as a surprise for some of you who have seen my review of this one. I hated this book, I fucking gave it one star, but I am mature, and can see that this would be a stunning movie. It wouldn't drag as much as the book did, and the directors could easily play up the pirate talk, and the setting of Neverland could be impeccable. I just want to see this movie!!

And that is all of them. There are a lot less superlatives this year than last year, but I appreciated that haha. 

So what about you? What books would you have put for these superlatives?

You're Gorgeous,
Belle Bash

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