Tuesday, April 12, 2016

An Unreliable Review

An Unreliable History of  Tattoos 
by Paul Thomas
96 Pages
Publisher: Nobrow Press

The tattoo is an art form, a practice . . . for some, a ritual. Its history is long and colorful, dating back to the Neolithic, when our ancestors marked their bodies with symbolic lines derived from a carbon paste. Today, those same markings can be made on entering the neon parlors that line our cities.Maybe it's time to stop taking them so seriously.

To be short and blunt about this book, I was entertained. I can't say it was an impeccable or eyeopening read, but it was nothing if not fun. At times this was more than a bit over the top, but regardless of that fact, it was enjoyable.

I found parts of this book to be over sexual and as funny as that could be at times, it was too much. That being said, if you're a youngster thinking about reading this: don't. The intended audience for this is a MATURE reader. If your grade level is still in the single digits, STOP. PUT THIS BOOK DOWN AND READ SOMETHING ELSE I'VE RECOMMENDED. 

With that out of the way, I overall liked reading this. It was a quick read, and the pictures were amusing. I really liked the satirical look on some of history, and it was fascinating seeing what he chose to highlight. 

I love tattoos, and this book just did it for me with the drawings. 


Sorry, Mom. I'm gonna get tattoos,

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