About the Blog

Now that you have stumbled upon my blog, you want to know what this is all about- don't you? I guess I can do that for you.

The What: 

I will post book reviews (non-spolier, of course), monthly book hauls (okay, imma be honest, book hauls are irritating to make, so I will do them every once in a while), Top Seven Saturdays (I think the title is pretty self explanatory), the whole Top 5 Wednesdays (the thing that all the cool BookTubers are doing), and maybe even some ranting (but only when it is necessary). If you have any brilliant ideas of blog topics, then you have two options:
1) tell me, and I will give you credit for the idea if I decide to use it, or
2) make your own blog, you are obviously creative enough to do it.

The Who:

My name is Belle, and I am the person behind all of the posts. No, I am not a robot (although that would be comical). I am always looking for the next story to escape into. I love books- every aspect of books- the smell (yes, I am that weird person who smells books- *pause for judging*....................), the look, the feel, and of course the story. I am aware that you are asking yourself if this chick uses all of her 5 senses with books and tasted them too. NO I DON'T TASTE MY BOOKS; THAT IS WEIRD! 

The Why:

I decided to make a blog because it was summer, and I had too much time on my hands. You know, I am not able to drive yet, so I just sat around my house and sulked until I had an epiphany. To combat my boredom, I chose to start a blog instead of mindlessly scrolling through Twitter, and Tumblr, and YouTube, and Pinterest, and Goodreads, and Various Book Blogs, and Netflix, and Facebook. I think I made a great decision, and I am excited to see where this blog goes in the future.

The When:

My first post was on Friday, June 6, 2014. It was titled Welcome (creative right?!). I made two other posts that day: one a review and the other A Friday Reads. Gosh, I was really annoying on my first day. Why would I feel the need to post multiple posts in one day.

The Other Why:

Why should you follow this blog? Because I post often, make [bad] jokes, and have tons of fun. And if you take interest in this blog, I will find the end of a rainbow and give you the pot of gold.
*Update* Someone has already claimed the pot of gold. 

I really do hope that you will stick around to see how the blog progresses, and I am excited to chat with you guys in the future.


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