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If you have found my blog, and decided that you want me to review a book, I would be happy to oblige, and I promise that I will give an honest opinion of the book no matter what. If you have any other ideas for ways for me to promote your book, I would love to get in contact with you.

If you do feel so inclined on me reading a book of yours, I have a bit of a review policy. I am just going to say right now that it is very broad and if your book sounds wonderful, I am happy to be persuaded otherwise. Just to start things off, I am more inclined to actually read and review your book if I can get a physical copy of it, and this is mostly because I won't forget about something that I physically own. If you do have an e-arc for me to read, I will not read it if it does not come in an epub  or mobi format, and that would mean that I will not read a PDF. That is only because it is very difficult to read a PDF on my phone, and that is where I read all my ebooks.

Okay, now genre. I mostly read YA. I am perfectly fine reading any genre within the YA category, and am not partial to any genre within YA. I am also very keen on reading fantasy, historical fiction or science fiction. I will accept middle grade and new adult books if they sound great. I will not accept the following genres: romance, erotica, religious fiction, chick-lit, mystery, and crime.

To get in touch with me, just e-mail me at I will try my hardest to reply to you in a timely fashion (most likely within 48 hours, but probably sooner because I compulsively check my e-mail). 

I look forward to hearing from you.


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